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    Susanna (domingo, 29 mayo 2016 00:32)

    Dear Carla, I have three autoimmune diseases and I approached recently to eft and Louise hay affirmation. I COMPLETELY AGREE with you. I have been living feeling unwanted unloved unable to do all those simple things thT other do like even laughing..nevertheless .I am certain about my healing powers I always get what I really really want. The problem has always been to understand what I wanted... As I didn't love and appreciate myself. Now my mind and my heart understand that I need to love myself, my inner I am mother too and I want to live, and I want to teach my daughter to love herself.and I and trust the eft can help me! I feel charged and I am able to take deep breaths when I tap...this is the right way...thank you!! I would love to keep on hearing from you!


Thank you for your nice words. I am happy to hear that you are using EFT with good results finding your true story behind all these pain and false beliefs. As long as we reconect of who we truly are, things fall down and we started recovering.  I send you a warm hug and sweet regards. We will be in touch!


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